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Ron Klein challenger tells Tea Party: "You've got to make the man scared to come out of his house"

From the Washington Post: "Last night in Jupiter, Fla., GOP congressional candidate Allen West told 'tea
party' activists that they needed to do more to get accountability from Rep. Ron Klein (D-Fla.).

" 'Let me tell you what you've got to do,' said West, a retired lieutenant colonel. 'You've got to make the fellow scared to come out of his house. That's the only way that you're going to win. That's the only way you're going to get these people's attention.' "

"Local Democrats, who obtained a video of the speech, are piling on West for the remarks -- one in a string of combative statements he's made about Democrats. 'West and his mentor Sarah Palin are shamefully stoking violent language and symbolism that threatens the safety of our leaders and public officials," Broward County Democratic Chair Mitch Ceasar said in a statement...

"When I reached West, he called out Democrats for "cutting and pasting and taking out of context." He was referring, he said, to the way Klein failed to respond to his constituents, who'd been unable to meet him in his office or in town halls to talk about the health-care bill. He wasn't encouraging tea partiers to chase Klein down.


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6 months ago I flew into Palm Beach admired the fine boats in the harbor, and thought how great it was that there was an industry impervious to the current financial devastation.

Later that afternoon I ran into a bunch of guys at a local pub celebrating. When I asked what the occasion for the celebration ...local marine mechanics.... "celebrating" getting laid off.

The sponsor is right I think.. if this prevents foreign flag ownership, local dock fees and work for my fellow Floridians.... I support this fully!


West should just repeat Orlando Democrat Alan Graysons hatements, substituting Democrat or Socialist, wherever appropriate.

The Democrats think Grayson's hatements are cool......... They must, they don't shut up his hate speech.

Gotta Love Democrats, WHINING about someone using 10% of Democrat attack tactics. Always the whiners, always the victims, always the political correctors, always sitting in judgement of others.

Yep, thats liberal progressive socialist thought in America.

Poor ole Democrats, always playing the victim card.


WEST you are a PUNK. You have no idea how to have a substantive debate of the issues so I will address you on your own level. Your Hate speech and violent rhetoric will not be tolerated, I am happy to meet you on the street any day of the week to tell you how unethical and unproductive your candidacy has been to the process. You are a puppet of the Right Wing Media Circus. South Florida will not be Hoodwinked and Bamboozled by your ridiculous antics. Hunker down, you cannot hide your unethical platform and violent language behind the uniform you used to wear.
I love to pick on bullies like you, so keep it up.
-Your Worst Nightmare


Its funny how the Democrats are OK with left wing anger and confrontational politics of SEIU, ACORN, Move-On.Org, GreenPeace, CodePink, etc. But when they get a little taste of their own medicine, they pee in their pants.
Hey Klein, if you can't take the heat, get out of the race! Or are you now afraid to leave your house?
And to SethPlatt - Col. West was clearly speaking metaphorically, whereas you are the violent punk who can't comprehend spirited but rational debate. Or maybe you are just a thug of one of the above-mentioned groups. Either way, lighten up Francis.


Hey Jag, try calling the West campaign and asking what their position is on any issue they do not agree with you on. Guess what you will receive, no response like I did when I reached out to the campaign on several occasions to find out there position on Don't Ask Don't Tell. That is the kind of management and leadership you will get from the West campaign. BTW West opposes repeal of DADT, He is also a Climate Change Denier, and OUT OF TOUCH on a miriad of other issues. I will not lighten up but continue to point out how West does not represent the Citizen's views of his district. Dems have a right to be heard, and I refuse to let all you crazy greedy Old Farts be the loudest voice in Broward. I will be laughing all the way through November at West. Get used to it.


SethPlatt - take off the skirt, grow a spine and take a look in the mirror - you are spewing hate speech all over these comments but apparently think being a hypocrite is just fine. Take responsibility for your own actions before accusing everyone else of "hate". BTW, Constitutional patriots are going to romp all over the socialists and communists in Nov lol


Use your heads people. Its obviously directed at Klein, saying the only way KLEIN can win is by making people afraid to come out of their homes.

Which is what the Democrat bullies do to black men if they vote conservative, they lambast them, make them fearful, you name it. West has lived it. Big time.

I love the way they twist things to mean the opposite of the intended meaning.

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