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Marco Rubio gets Rudy Giuliani's backing

Call it Rudy Revenge.

Former New York City Mayor and GOP presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani on Monday endorsed Marco Rubio in his U.S. Senate Republican primary race against Gov. Charlie Crist.

"This is an easy choice. Not just for Republicans but for Floridians. He is the one and only candidate we can trust to represent Republican principles in Washington,'' Giuliani said during a 20-minute speech at the Renaissance at the Gables restaurant in Coral Gables before a standing-room-only crowd of about 250 people.

Giuliani's endorsement came as no political surprise. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Crist tossed his support behind Sen. John McCain just days before the all-important Florida primary.


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Bob Cowan

Floridians can not afford Marco Rubio. Two recent articles in the Miami Herald over the past couple of weeks point out Marco Rubio's lack of fiscal responsibility and show how he double dipped on pay back of his expenses, how he embarked on a spending spree when he first became Speaker of the House in Florida by adding 20 positions to the House staff, and his top aides making top dollar led by his chief of staff at $175,000, over $42,000 more than the governor, three other members of his staff also make more than the governor's salary of $132,932. Were these positions "pay backs"? He also spent $559,000 on renovations including a private dining room for House members. All this from a man who when he came to the House in 2002 had a negative net worth of $103,000, a mortage and a student loan and eight years has managed to get his net worth to $8,351 and is more than $900,000 in debt. In 2008 he received $300,000 in salary from a Miami law firm, $69,000 as a techer at FIU and $45,000 as Speaker. He still owes $115,000 in student loans. He spent $575,000 of the republican Party's money on the publication of his book. He has charged groceries, repairs to the family minivan and purchases in a wine store among other things to the Republician Party.

We don't need this person with a record of over spending other poeples money going on to Washington where spending is already out of control. How can Floridans trust this man to bring federal spending under control, when his record shows he didn't control Florida's spending and he can't manage his own.

Rudy Giuliani should check out who he endorses instead of holding a gruge against Charlie Crist. Marco Rubio does not represent Republician principals.

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