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McCollum's lead narrows, voters don't want his health care lawsuit

The race for governor has narrowed slightly with Republican State Attorney General Bill McCollum ahead of Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, the Democrat's nominee, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.

   McCollum has been the frontrunner in the race to replace Gov. Charlie Crist since August but, according to the poll of likely voters April 8-13, he's not getting much traction among independents with his plan to sue the federal government over its health care reform.

   Voters say 54-40 percent that it's a "bad idea'' for McCollum to file a lawsuit challenging the plan, and 38-28 percent say it makes them less likely to support his bid for governor. Among independents, the historically crucial voting group in Florida, the idea is particularly unpopular: 41-27 percent oppose the lawsuit challenge.

   "Florida voters mostly disapprove of the health care plan 48 - 44 percent, but trying to stop it in court is not a political winner for McCollum, at least at this point," said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

   McCollum easily disposes of a primary challenge by state Sen. Paula Dockery of Lakeland for the Republican nomination 56 -- 7 percent, according to the poll, with 34 percent undecided. Sink has no primary challenger.

    Most voters say they approve of the job McCollum is doing as attorney general, 51-25 percent, and give him a 38 -- 18 percent favorability rating. But 41 percent of those polled said they who don’t know enough about him to form an opinion.

    Sink is less well-known and less well-liked by those who know her. She gets a 39 -- 26 percent approval rating for her job as CFO and a 22 -- 15 percent favorability rating, with 61 percent who don’t know enough about her to form an opinion, according to the poll.

   While McCollum continues to hold the edge in the close race for governor, Brown warned: "November is a long way off."

   Meanwhile, President Barack Obama's approval rating has risen since January to 50-45 percent, compared to a 45 -- 49 percent negative four months ago, the survey found.

   The uptick in the president's numbers is largely due to his improved standing among independent voters, who give him a narrow 48 - 46 percent approval, Brown said.

   Florida voters approve of his call for more offshore oil drilling, with 66-27 percent in favor of it generally and 64 - 28 percent approve of it off Florida's coasts. Republicans in particular like the idea of drilling off Florida shores: 79 percent approve, while only 53 percent of Demcorats like the idea.


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The poll is BS and so is the headline. Everybody who pays taxes wants this lawsuit and does not want their kids left with alifetime of working to pay off Obama's power grab.


Voters say 54-50 percent that it's a "bad idea'' for McCollum to file a lawsuit challenging the plan,

54 + 50 = 104% ... mmmmm, you know you can't trust a poll if they can't do simple math!


Hi David: I pay taxes and don't want this lawsuit..so i think "everybody" was BS too.


Lawsuit is terrible idea. Will cost the state millions at a time we need every penny to preserve services for our neighbors in need. This lawsuit was nothing else but republican political posturing paid with the backs of harworking taxpayers. Florida's healthcare experts already have stated that among the states, Florida is one of the states that stands to gain the most by healthcare reform, by finally getting back a lot of the tax moneys we pay every years in federal taxes and the republicans can not figure out how to get back into the state. These Florida Republicans are good at saving meager pennies, even if they loose many dollars in the process. You can see this in present legislation they want to enact...to save a couple of millions they are jeopardizing hundreds of millions in federal funding... So Sad to watch...


umm... GMWilliams, I think you are the one who can't do math. 54-50 is a range, not a comparison of proportions, as in 50%-54%.


What short memories we have!

Did everyone forget Bill McColllum’s zest, as House Manager, in 1998’s exclusively-Republican failed Clinton impeachment; proclaiming moral outrage, while making full political hay of graphic descriptions of private consensual sex? Utilizing a private lawsuit dismissed from court prior to trial, and subsequently settled while appealed; whose aim was forcing the President to answer, under oath, questions on private consensual sex?

At the time, many Republican politicians publicly portrayed the higher moral road, and championing of “family values,” but privately engaged in conduct making Clinton’s appear quaint. Many accusers, including Speaker Newt Gingrich, carrying on his own affair, right during impeachment, Chair Henry Hyatt, Speaker-designate Bob Livingston, Majority Leader Dick Armey, John Ensign, Helen Chenoweth, Mark Foley, Dan Burton, and South Carolina’s Mark Sanford, eventually became involved in their own sex scandals, as private conducts variously came to light. And Majority Leader Tom DeLay resigned subsequently, under grand jury felony indictment.

Apparently, Bill McCollum has not grown much, from losing, first to Bill Nelson and then Mel Martínez, as he joins still more exclusive-Republican partisan theater: suing the government’s health care reform, theoretically on behalf of Florida voters, who actually voted for Obama.
Why bring back to life such a distasteful part of our history?

Lawsuit Cash

Everybody who pays taxes wants this lawsuit and does not want their kids left with alifetime of working to pay off Obama's power grab.

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