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No "surprise" election announcement from Broward GOP chair

The Sunshine Republicans, a gay GOP group in Broward, sent emails this week saying that GOP chair Chip LaMarca would make a "surprise announcement" at their meeting Monday night. That led to speculation that LaMarca would announce that he will run against Broward County Mayor Ken Keechl.

But LaMarca said today that he will not make any such announcement Monday night -- though he said he is leaning toward running and will make his decision in April (though that timeline has repeatedly changed.)

"We are getting extremely close here," LaMarca said. "I know the clock is running."

One problem: if LaMarca runs and steps down as county GOP chair who would take over the group at a time when it is divided over whether to support Gov. Charlie Crist or Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate? Two names mentionned as possibilities in the past are now out: Coral Springs Commissioners Vince Boccard and Tom Powers who were suspended by Crist due to Sunshine Law violation charges.


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In the know

They should name Ellyn Bogdanoff the chair if Chip runs for commissioner (just like David Rivera was in Dade). She would be the best choice for Broward.


In the know...that doesn't make sense.

One elected official (Lamarca, LHP Commissioner) stepping down to run for another office (County Commissioner) being replaced by another elected official (Bogdanoff) who is running for another office (State Senate). Chip might as well stay put.

Broward voter

I hope Chip runs...he's a great guy and would make a great County Commissioner.


It should be a club president or former president - Jay Narang, Richard DeNapoli, Daniel Gonzalez, Doug Blanz - people who know how to run a political organization


I can't wait for Chip to throw his hat in the ring so that all the dirt about him will finally surface!


Whatever, Ed.

Chip's a good guy...unlike the corrupt politicians we've got right now in Broward County.

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