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Non news flash: Marco Rubio 'absolutely' backs Jeb Bush priority, SB-6

Nothing like people driving around in Capitol Circles. Consider SB-6. The so-called "teacher tenure" bill that Gov. Charlie Crist might veto, much to the outrage of former Gov. Jeb Bush and his supporters -- many of whom were already outraged by all things Crist.

The fact that Crist might cancel the bill isn't a huge surprise. After all, Bush said Crist's support of the stimulus package last year was "unforgivable." That's not so easy for Crist to forgive.

More surprising: The fever pitch by the teacher-union/Crist-ites who say his Republican Senate opponent, Marco Rubio, needs to take a stand on this bill that isn't a federal issue. We presupposed Rubio supported the bill because if Bush called for more forrest fires, Rubio would fetch the matches.

OK. Congratulations guys. We asked Rubio spokesman Todd Harris (of Bush's 02 re-elect campaign) if Rubio supports the bill.

"Absolutely," Harris said, almost chuckling in the phone.


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Caputos Anazhol

Is this journalism? It reads like a 16 year old girl's snotty journal entry about someone she hates.

Veto SB6

It's a BLOG!!! No journalism necessary in the blogosphere. Obviously you were educated in the public school system during the Bush years. No critial thinking skills, just reactions...

Bob Calder

How can anyone NOT (hate it/act like a child) who watches education in places other than deeply paternalistic and racist states and utterly retch over Jeb's typically two-faced "philosophy" being dragged into the sunlight yet again? Send you own kids to the most expensive high school in the region and make sure the poor folks' schools can't have more than a third what it costs to educate yours. But that's his action, not his "philosophy" which comes to him compliments of smoke-and-mirrors-style research. The same folks who told you there was no such thing as global warming during his brother's ill-fated reign.

New York has had charter schools longer than anyone. Do they work? Yes, by excluding special ed kids you raise your averages.

Vouchers? Yes, for a tiny number of kids in Tampa that get their pitiful $2,000 voucher supplemented to what it needs to be to get into an actual school. Do you think your kid can get a good education if we rely on corporate guilt to fund it? No way. Yachts and mansions aside, they just don't have what it takes either in the way of money or you-know-whats.

Reconstituting failing schools? Not on your life. The success stories fail to mention the kids that no longer attend the school. Get rid of the "problem kids" and you get rid of the problem school.

Look instead at Minnesota where math scores are now second in the world after Singapore. Look instead at neurophysiologists' research that tells us children with sustained high cortisol levels due to stress suffer permanent changes to behavior.

The conservative "researchers" don't have the chops to look beyond what their religious beliefs tell them. It's all common sense to them.
The problem with the universe is that the deeper you look into a complex system, the less common sense can be used for a guide.

Will they or you be surprised to hear that the earned income credit may have been the most effective "education policy" ever? It doesn't seem related does it? Not common sense. The Bible doesn't have anything to say about it, so Jeb and friends aren't swayed. They hew to the "rules" they know understand.

Maintaining Florida's paternalistic mindset will ensure we place last in putting effective reform in place. Allowing a modern collaborative reform to take place would foster a win-win environment, but that's not "our" way here in the South. OK maybe we won't be last. Alabama and Mississippi will probably share that honor.

Anny G

This is crazy...The only ones who really care about the students are the teachers who are being attacked at this moment. So sad...But then, the rich always get richer and the rest do not!

jerry greenway

Can a common person comment without jumping through hoops?

jerry greenway

In that case, I agree with all the above. Florida politics is so retro, I feel like I might be eating breakfast with St. Joe Paper and FL East Coast Railroad lobbyist Ed Ball, and a clutch of legislators at the Wakulla Springs Resort Hotel circa 1972...
The coffee, girts and eggs were perfect!

Janet Call

You and Jeb must go camping together. Your converstion "how can we screw with voters?"


I'm glad that I've found your miamiherald.typepad.com web site. I don't have much to add to the conversation, but I'm right there with you. Your post said exactly what I have been thinking. Good to see you posting again.

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