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Once silent Republicans now speak out against Crist ad; he responds

Some prominent Republicans (and Marco Rubio supporters) are calling on Charlie Crist to halt his TV ad attacking Rubio.

UPDATE: Here's the Crist campaign response: Our ad (you can view it HERE) is based on fact.  Just because Speaker Rubio wishes something not to be true, it doesn’t mean it isn’t.  It is clear this letter is a direct request from Miami lobbyist-politician Rubio, and, coming from someone who double billed taxpayers and didn’t own up until caught, failed to file legally required IRS forms and didn’t take responsibility until caught, failed to disclose a sweetheart loan and didn’t come clean until caught, and is still on the hook for missing funds from his political committee used as a personal slush fund, are you going to take hisword for it? How are those tax returns coming, Marco?

Dear Governor Crist,

We have all been supporters of yours in the past and have been there for you virtually every step of the way as you climbed the political ladder. Despite our past support, we cannot stand idly by and say nothing while you wage a multi-million dollar campaign in an attempt to smear and assassinate the character of a fellow Republican.

Quite simply, we call on you to stop airing the attack ad (titled “Two Politicians”) you are currently running against Marco Rubio. This ad is blatantly false and misleading. Your campaign knows it and we know that you know it too.

The clear intent of this ad is to try to link Marco Rubio to Ray Sansom. However, State Prosecutor Willie Meggs said recently that Rubio “didn’t have anything to do with” Sansom’s legal issues. In fact, Mr. Meggs said he plans to call you as a witness to testify about documents indicating that your office was aware of what Mr. Sansom was doing, despite your previous denials. Taken as a whole, these facts prove that your attack ad is as false as it is hypocritical.

The Charlie Crist we have supported so many times in the past would never run such a blatantly dishonest ad against a fellow Republican. It is sad to say but the Charlie Crist of today – negative, desperate, and flirting with the idea of abandoning his party – is one we hardly recognize. For the sake of our party and our state, we ask you please to take your ad off the air and focus your campaign on issues and policy.


Al Hoffman, Jr., former Ambassador to Portugal

U.S. Representative Ginny Brown-Waite    

U.S. Representative Jeff Miller

Tom Slade, former Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida

Tony DiMatteo, Pinellas County RPOF Board Member

Former Florida Senate President Tom Lee

State Representative David Rivera

State Representative Steve Bovo

Pasco state Committeeman Bill Bunting

-- Adam Smith