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One more reason Crist will likely veto SB 6

P1030091 As he left a Children's Week event at FSU Monday evening, Gov. Charlie Crist met Michelle Ruiz, a senior at Johnny Ferguson High in Kendall, south of Miami. The 17-year-old student, who helped to organize the sickout by Miami-Dade teachers Monday, spoke to Crist for a full five minutes and urged the governor to veto the teacher pay and tenure bill, Senate Bill 6.

"The teachers will be so stressed," Ruiz said, "that 'you have to pass this test because my life depends on it .. It's very, very important that this bill gets vetoed.'"

Crist seemed genuinely impressed with Ruiz, a native of Ecuador who became a U.S. citizen three weeksP1030092 ago, serves on the Youth Advisory Board of the Miami-Dade Children's Trust and has been accepted at Carnegie-Mellon University next fall, where she will study chemical engineering.

"I wanted to talk to the source," Ruiz told Crist, who replied: "I think you've done exactly what you need to do. You ought to think about becoming a lawyer ... you make a good case."  

-- Steve Bousquet


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Bethany M

Love this! What an impressive young lady. Please Governor Crist, do the right thing for students, they don't deserve the pressure of teacher pay tied to their test performance!

Jobin V

yeeeeeee go michelle!!!!


Wow! You go Michelle!

We'll have presents for when you get back! XD

Susy Caicedo

Es un gran trabajo el de Michelle, compatriota ecuatoriana. Lo lograste!! Felicitaciones, eres un orgullo para nuestro país.
Un Governador sensato y con gran calidad humana.

Posted by: Susy Caicedo

Mariel Costa

Amazing!!! What an accomplishment!! Thank you Michelle


Thank you!

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