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Opponent bashes Rivera's 'obscene' money haul

From a press release:

Paul Crespo's opponent in Congressional District 25 has just announced he “raised more than $700,000 dollars” for his campaign in one month, proudly adding: “This is one of the highest fundraising totals for a congressional campaign in the entire country.”
"I wouldn't be so proud of that fact." said Paul Crespo, Republican candidate for Congress, "since it seems my opponent is more interested in his campaign budget, than the budget woes of the average citizen."
"He should understand this race isn't about dollars. It is about people," emphasized Crespo.
"This represents everything that is wrong with politics today. It is exactly why I am running and what I'm fighting against, Crespo added. "That is an obscene amount in today's economy. Where did all that money come from?" 


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700K in 1 month! -- Como se dice "special interests"?

Civis Americanus Sum

Thanks for the disclaimer that Paul Crespo is on the Herald's e-board. Oh, that's right.

Manuel Collazo

Civis that "was" over 5 years ago, what "is" current is the record breaking money grab by David Rivera is there any money left in Tally? He's in so many pockets he'd put a pool table to shame.

Fed-Up Floridian

This should be giving us all serious reason for concern. Politicians appear to have LOST THEIR WAYS. What ever happened to integrity and selflessness? Nothing seems to matter anymore. It appears that politicians on both sides of the isle have a green light to lie, cheat steal and have extra marital affairs. Now it appears that the house of representatives is up for sale. Wasn’t Mr. Rivera running for the state senate last month? Is he running for congress to serve or out of some sense of entitlement; the answer is obvious to me. I’m sickened by career politicians! They are completely out of touch with the citizens of this state and this nation. My humble advice? Find an honest man or woman and support them. This is why I plan to support Mr. Crespo for congress.

Newt Retributeur

Rivera sponsored HB 5701,which robs retired police, firefighters, widows, and other State pensioers of $1,800 a year of health care subsidies. We are all looking to get a chance to vote him out of office in the Pr1mary, or if necessary, to vote against him in the November election. Most of us vote Republican, but to get this weasel we would vote for the Democrat if necessary.

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