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Rep. Long files complaint vs. Rep. Bogdanoff

Rep. Janet Long, D-Seminole, filed a complaint with the speaker's office Tuesday accusing Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale, of making "threats of harm and retaliation" against her that violate House rules by impugning the reputation of the House.

Bogdanoff, reached before the complaint was filed, acknowledged she had lost her cool with Long, but denied saying anything threatening.

"I didn't say anything to her that you don't hear on the floor, in this building or out in the street," Bogdanoff said.

At issue: Long's bill (HB1467) to change the governance structure of the Pinellas Park Water Management District Authority and Bogdanoff's bill (HB1425) that sought to establish a Broward County inspector general. Bogdanoff wouldn't agenda Long's bill, saying it became too controversial. And so Long's co-sponsor in the House, Seminole Republican Dennis Jones, put a hold on Bogdanoff's bill in the Senate, though it passed the House unanimously.

In her three-page complaint, Long said Bogdanoff was at her desk on April 22 and accused Long of playing a role in her bill being blocked. ''This is going to hurt you for the next eight years. I am going to hurt you for the next eight years,'" Long quoted Bogdanoff as saying.

Long described Bogdanoff as appearing "very agitated. She shook her finger repeatedly at me. Her head shook in an agitated fashion." In an accompanying letter dated Tuesday, Long told Bogdanoff that she disagreed that her complaint "would demean and discredit all women in the legislative process."  

Bogdanoff said Long's complaints and pestering were just part of the job. And so was the tongue-lashing she gave the Democrat.

"I've killed a lot of bills," Bogdanoff said. "When Marco Rubio was House Speaker, there's a reason he used to call me the angel of death."