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Roger Stone: "Charlie Crist is a co-conspirator"

Roger Stone, the Republican operative and onetime Charlie Crist supporter, was the first person we know of to call for a "forensic audit" of the state GOP and to loudly criticize Jim Greer's financial management of the party. He says he's glad to see a criminal investigation underway.

"I'm hopeful the U.S. Attorney will question Charlie Crist carefully about what he knew and when he knew it. I think he's a co-conspirator,'' Stone said. "Charlie Crist is personally responsible for everything Jim Greer did. Greer's transgressions were brought to his attention over and over again, and he said he had full confidence in him."

"What part of Charlie Crist's wedding did the party pay for,'' said Stone.

John Thrasher, by the way, promised a forensic audit would begin immediately after his election as chairman nearly six weeks ago. The party has yet to hire a firm to conduct the audit, and the word is none of the Big Four firms wanted to touch it.

"We've been actively taking steps to get it started," Republican party spokeswoman Katie Betta said. "It's a very in depth process and it's taking some time to get it started ... We certainly wish that the forensic audit was already over and done with, so that everyone could move on, but the fact of the matter is it is a very complex and expensive process."


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If anyone's a co-conspirator, it's Roger Stone...he did work with Rothstein after all.


Ha ha ha, Meek is going to win by default after Crist and Marco both get into trouble for their party credit cards!

Peter Schorsch

@marcorubio launches new TV ad - "Next" Watch it here:


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