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Rubio hasn't paid GOP back for double-billed flights

Former House Speaker Marco Rubio has not yet paid back the Republican Party of Florida for plane fares from South Florida to Tallahassee that he charged on his party credit card as well as to state taxpayers.

Here's the statement he issued on Feb. 26: "Earlier this week in response to a question from the media I stated that all my legislative travel during my tenure as Speaker was paid for by the Republican Party of Florida. However, after reviewing hundreds of flights we identified 8 official state business flights which the state properly paid for. These flights total approximately $3,000. Further, it appears several of these flights were also billed to the RPOF. Billing the Party was a mistake which needs to be fixed. So, out of an abundance of caution I am personally reimbursing the Party for the cost of all 8 flights."

Rubio's campaign advisor, Todd Harris, said the campaign has determined that only six, not eight flights, were double-billed. He blamed the party for the delay, saying the campaign is waiting for it to verify the exact amount.

Seems that would take either the campaign or the party about 20 seconds on a calculator, not more than two months.


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...because he asked the party for an exact figure so he can write a check and they have not gotten back to him with it.


He can't figure out the cost of the 8 flights himself???? he does get a copy of the AmEx statements. It has been 2 months since he stated he would repay for the double billing... not to mention if can't find the figure... he could get the totals from the Dept of Management Services. He hasn't paid the party back for any of the other personal charges to AmEx card either.


He has already spoken about THIS issue..move on!


Yeah, and it takes you 20 seconds with a calculator to do your taxes too, huh? Maybe the party is pulling all the records, and it wants to be extra extra careful this time, and there isn't really a deadline for correcting this, and it has a few campaigns to worry about too. Maybe?

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