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Sarah Palin: "I love Marco Rubio!"

At the Southern Republican Leadership Convention in New Orleans, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin dishes some praise on Marco Rubio -- and offers to help him campaign.

Here's the clip from shark-tank.net:


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Hey who knows, you may be able to hop in the sack with him?


If you have Sarah on your side then you got our vote!


Sarah Palin, Jim Demint, are dangerous enough but add Marco Rubio to the mix and you have a mess of the Republican Party. The Difficulty becomes when the strategy for their "line our pockets with Farm Subsidies to Sugar Industry & Archer Daniels Midland plus Unions" you have lots of special interests. Time to Reform the GOP and really encompass all Americans without a "Power Money Grab" and let's get America back to the Leader we should be and not allow China to implement their "International Currency Plan" with using their currency. No wonder no one in the Political Machine talks about the "sweat shops" that makes the products Walmart & Others sell to us to redistribute our wealth.

Better vote for lower taxes and saving the Everglades, restructuring Social Security and finding someone who can actually work with both sides to get things done, that would be Charlie Crist, why do you think he left the party?

Vote Charlie Crist, tell Jeb Bush & Marco Rubio we don't need their Agenda.

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