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Senate refuses to confirm Klement and Stevens to the PSC

In a stunning rebuke to the governor, the Senate has refused to confirm the confirmation of David Klement, sending him back home to Bradenton on a vote of 17-21 and refused to confirm Benjamin "Steve" Stevens 14-23.

The defeat of the incumbents were a major session priority to the state's largest utilities.

The Klement vote:

No: Alexander, Altman, Aronberg, Baker, Dean, Gaetz, Gardiner, Haridopolos, Hill, Lawson, Negron, Peaden, Richter, Ring, Siplin, Smith, Sobel, Thrasher, Villalobos, Wilson and Wise.

Yes: Bennett, Constantine, Crist, Detert, Diaz de la Portilla, Dockery, Fasano, Garcia, Gelber, Jones, Joyner, Justice, Lynn, Oelrich, Rich, Storms and Atwater.

Not voting: Bullard.

The Stevens vote:

No: Alexander, Altman, Aronberg, Crist, Diaz de la Portilla, Gardiner, Gelber, Haridopolos, Hill, Joyner, Lawson, Negron, Peaden, Rich, Richter, Ring, Siplin, Smith, Sobel, Storms, Thrasher, Wilson, Wise.

Yes: Bennett, Constantine, Dean, Detert, Dockery, Fasano, Gaetz, Garcia, Jones, Justice, Lynn, Oelrich, Villalobos, Atwater.

Not voting: Bullard and Baker.


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Seth Platt

We need leaders on this commission that will fight for Net-metering for Florida Residents to be able to generate energy and sell it back to the grid. Only then will be able to ween ourselves off Hydrocarbons.

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