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Senate strips renewables language from solar incentives bill

A bill to give local government the ability to sell bonds to finance homeowners and businesses that want to build rooftop solar panels was passed by the Senate 31-4 and sent back to the House after a day-long fight in which the bill became a vehicle for the larger renewable energy legislation.

The sponsor of the renewables bill, Sen. Mike Bennett, was deflated. "Look at all that oil in the gulf...look at all the other things we're doing to the environment,'' he said, noting that it was time the state found a way to jumpstart a renewable energy industry in Florida. "We're not going to get it. We made it too heavy.''


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solar water

There are many financial incentives available on the local, state and Federal level to encourage home and property owners to switch to Solar Photovoltaics. These incentives drastically reduce the cost of purchasing a Solar PV System and enables solar to be an option that is less expensive than utility companies.


Making an investment in renewable energy can involve high up-front solar costs, and while solar financing options bring the costs of solar down, incentives are another great way to make solar affordable for the average building owner.

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