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Senate rejects amendment to let greyhound tracks stop live racing

The loaded agriculture bill, which just got stuck with an amendment to allow certain workers to bring guns to work, was also being used as a vehicle to end greyhound racing at greyhound tracks.

Under a proposal by Sen. Charlie Justicedog tracks could decide whether they want offer gambling on live greyhound racing. They measure, supported by animal rights groups, was rejected as not germaine to the ag bill.

“It makes little sense for the state to require dog tracks to lose money on greyhound racing,” said GREY2K USA President and General Counsel Christine Dorchak. “It also makes no sense for greyhounds to suffer needlessly.  Having dogs run around in circles while fewer and fewer people watch, means that dog racing is simply a loss leader for newer, more modern forms of gambling.”

There are only 24 operational dog tracks in the U.S., 13 of which are in Florida. Because of the decline, state revenue from live greyhound racing has dropped 93 percent since 1989, according to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.