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Senate takes up vote on PSC commissioners -- and they're in trouble

Senate Repubican Leader Alex Diaz de la Portilla is vigorously working the floor as it appears that the confirmation of the appointment of David Klement is in trouble. Speaking against him have been Sens. Chris Smith, Don Gaetz, Mike Haridopolos, Victor Crist, JD Alexander and John Thrasher.

Speaking in his favor are Sens. Nancy Detert, Mike Bennett, Lee Constantine and Mike Fasano.

"I was underwhelmed by the answers they gave and I don't believe they are qualified to serve in this important body,'' Thrasher said.

Smith raised the same objections he has raised before -- that Klement and Benjamin "Steve" Stevens -- don't represent the diversity of the state since they are both white men. Crist agreed with him.

UPDATE: Diaz de la Portilla reports that he wasn't working in favor of the candidates. "I wasn't working against them, either. Instead, I was informing the members to vote any way they wished."


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in the actual form the PSC/OPC can not be what they should be " Fair and unbiaised" they are appointed by the governor (politico's)their debates and mandates are unilateral without imput or control of the customers (the payers)I see two solutions the first one is to elect the commissionners ,the second is to transform the for profit monopolies in COOP's rendering the PSC and OPC and their staff obsolete ,contributing to the budget balance


Republicans wont rest until all of us are wearing identification arm bands...Florida ranks 2nd among the most economically distressed states based on foreclosures rates, food stamps participation (hunger and poverty) and unemployment rates, and republicans are opposing Financial Reform designed to protect the regular guy...Republicans are the friends of Wall Street bankers and fat cats.

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