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Sink bashes leadership funds bill

Democratic gubernatorial candidate and chief financial officer Alex Sink called on Gov. Charlie Crist to veto Tuesday a bill that would allow a few legislators to create powerful new fundraising machines known as leadership funds to influence future election cycles.
Read the press release below.

Alex Sink Calls on Governor Crist to Veto Political Slush Fund Bill

Tampa, Fl – Florida CFO and Gubernatorial Candidate Alex Sink called on Governor Crist to veto the electioneering bill on his desk, saying that the last thing Florida needs right now is more Tallahassee backroom deals and personal slush funds.
“It’s clear Tallahassee politicians are just trying to make their own rules after the growing scandals facing the Republican Party of Florida.  The proposed electioneering bill decreases transparency and accountability, and increases the power of special interests over individual legislators in Tallahassee -- the last thing our state needs right now,” said Alex Sink. “Before the legislative session had even started, I laid out meaningful ethics reforms designed to bring more accountability and sunshine to Florida’s political contributions and party spending.  As Governor, I would veto this elections bill and I urge Governor Crist to do the same.”
In February, Alex Sink released a comprehensive 11-point plan for stronger ethics and accountability for government.  Included in Sink’s ethics reforms were proposals to make political party funding more open and accountable, such as forcing line-by-line reporting of party credit card spending and requiring parties to file on the same campaign finance schedule as candidates for office.