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Students walk out -- again -- to protest SB 6

Students at Coral Gables Senior High School walked out of class Wednesday morning to support teachers and protest a controversial bill overhauling teacher pay and tenure and waiting for Gov. Charlie Crist's signature or veto.

Students filed out onto the football field at the school at around 10 a.m., Miami-Dade district spokesman John Schuster said. "Everyone is safe," he added.

The walkouts began Friday at several Miami-Dade high schools and continued Monday, when thousands of teachers were absent from school and rallied at Tropical Park in Westchester to oppose the bill.

Crist said Tuesday pressure on the bill -- a litmus test in Florida political races -- is unlike any he has seen before. The governor will spend much of Monday afternoon meeting with bill backers, according to his schedule. He has heard from thousands of opponents since the House passed the legislation last week -- including the Florida School Boards Association and the Broward school district. Miami-Dade School Board members may take a formal position on the bill at a meeting Wednesday.

UPDATE: Students also walked out Wednesday at McFatter Technical Center and Western High, both in Davie, a Broward school district spokeswoman said. That follows a walkout at Cooper City High on Monday.


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I’m a student at Coral Gables and I think we did something good, we were seen and heard. I hope this can stop senate bill 6


Students would be willing to walk out of class for any reason. How is this news?

Mr. Sarcastic

Any excuse to walk out of class.

Would these students be willing to give up their ipods, cell phones, cable television, going the movies, cars, or maybe buy second hand clothes to help support the teachers and their retirement.

I think most of them would probably agree to this; most of them would be lying.

It is really easy to support a cause when your it does not affect your pocketbook.


Iknow what you mean in my school people who dont really care about the bill started a riot at western high and my friends who also didnt care about it skipped class because of it


good for the kids. yeah, sure, skip class and all, but give them some credit. they know this bill will mean more high stakes tests, more pressure on teachers, less freedom for teachers and hence less freedom for them to learn. no kid is interested in learning the dynamics of filling in ovals with #2 pencils - they want to learn things that will benefit them in their futures.

go kids!


Yeh, right, you can count on the union member teachers egging these apolitical teenagers on.

It's shameful that the teachers have brought politics, of which they are the financial beneficiaries them mind you, into the classroom.

It's so transparent and not surprising that your average clueless, agenda driven journalist can't figure it out and thinks this orchestrated stunt is newsworthy.


teachers in florida financial beneficiaries of politics?

our teachers don't even make the national average salary. but they have had to put up with cuts, cuts and more cuts to school budgets, a seemingly endless bureaucracy of political red-tape and cruel scape-goating by a Florida GOP far more interested in busting their union, giving vouchers to religious schools, and generally making the profession one in which no one with a right mind would want to enter into.

beneficiaries my ----!


oh, and just btw. You could be a tenured Harvard Divinity School Professor, or such like, and say after 30 yrs teaching the best and brightest you retire to Florida. And a little while later you get bored and think "oh, i know, i'll take a job teaching public school, cuz I want to give back a little bit" and then you find out the hoops and ladders you got to jump through and around just to get licensed.....
you'll stay retired.

well done politicians


yeah it sucks that most kids dont know about this bill, i am a junior but I do know that this bill will severely affect the way that teachers teach. Just like you said, it is going to be affecting the teacher's pockets so I see it as the teachers will be pressuring students to pass these tests just to keep a fair wage and that is not fair to us. Teachers cannot MAKE students care about passing and what not this is just plain SAD


I’m a student at coral gables high school and I think that what we did today and have been trying to do is for everyone’s benefit; firefighters don’t get paid on how many lives they saved, nether do police men nor many other positions so why should teacher?. Bill 6 affects students too, we already have to worry all year about FCAT and now this stupid testing wont let us learn nothing but what’s going to be on that test.. So people think again!-daniela


I think it's funny how society puts our youth as second class citizens when they decide to take a stand for something they believe in. This is why our future generations are what they are - they're not being heard so they are forcing the rest of you to hear them. AND instead of being proud that children are learning that their lives are shaped by the political battles of the United States of America - you believe that they just want to "cut class". People like you make me laugh.


AND on another note - if you can read this, thank a teacher! Amen.


Any of you who thought most kids didnt care. You're right maybe they didnt. However, please dont dare downgrade the efforts of the kids to protest. We have mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters who are teachers, and it will, as you so crudely put it "affect our pocketbooks."

Everyone actually research the bill

The only reason why students walked out is because they wanted to be out of class. Maybe a third actually supported it but in truth, 1/20 of them actually knew exactly what they were supporting.


Walking out of class was not just an excuse to "cut class". I think that it was the only way to get our voices heard. Maybe some students did it for other intentions but I know that at least 97% of our classmates care and support our teachers. Even that 3% know in the back of their mind it will affect them in the long run.


Every student form Coral Gables walked out for one reason! for the respect of the teachers. All of them at Coral Gables Senior High School put there life in those lesson plans, they went thru hell to become teachers, by studying excessively to have Masters, Bachelors, and Doctorines; they always put there best interest in us. Why shouldnt we back OUR teachers up when they are being striped away from there job that they really love to do and that they have been working realy hard to achive by this Senate Bill? Most of the students are rethinking if they should even stay in school or even go to college if there metors are being treated this way. So dont say that students would leave out of calls ofr anything or there reckless. We support our teachers and will do anything to keep these teachers educating us because I can asure you that you havent read the whole bill. Its say 5% percent (about 100 million) will be cut form the funds (which is already low enough) and will be given to Charter and Private schools and to make test for the end of the year. There are alot more negative actions taken place funded on our teacher money they make up every morning htey come to our school to teach. So read the Bill and then tell US if we are just students "wanting to get out of class". If our teachers leave...your "future" will fall!


Of course some kids just walked out to... walk out/skip and theres going to be kids that "don't care" which is exactly WHY they can't pass the bill! The bill makes teachers' salaries depend on these little childrens' scores. What if people don't like a certain techer they can easily get them fired by failing. the most irresponsible thing a governor can do is put a teacher's job in our hands.


I'm a student from Western High. I'm proud of our protest, I know why I did it and I feel like we were heard. If some students didn't understand the bill or only walked out to escape class then the worst thing they did was give the people who knew why they were there a stronger voice. Peaceful protesting is legal, no harm done.


I want to congratulate and thank the youth for taking a stand to help the teachers and themselves. Being a fresh out of college, it was not too long ago that I was in your shoes and can remember how it felt not to be taken seriously. Good for you, stand up for what you believe in and make sure you vote when you turn 18. You’re never too young to care! Who says that they are getting out of class anyways, but only learning an excellent lesson in goverment and politics. ;)

PS: Just make sure you do it in good taste and follow the law.

Thanks again


the walk out if totally appropriate. my mom is a teacher and if this bill gets passed its going to make it more hard on her. plus the teachers need more respect and another thing Kids do need to be heard if we believe in something we need to show it but considering some of us are minors its difficult to do so.


Everyone should read Victoria's post to get a snapshot of the level of education in Coral Springs. It is clear that spelling and grammar are issues at her school and the fact that this student has been promoted by the Broward County schools is frightening. God help her coworkers who will have to compensate for the failure of her parents, teachers and the schools if they allow her to graduate. If she is the future, heaven help us! And, yes, I was a teacher.


I'm a student at Western High School, and I am very proud of our protest. While some students were doing it just to get out of class, there were plenty who were fighting for the cause. I stayed in class and I regret it, because I feel like my school helped accomplish something really important. Whether or not the protests affected the bill being vetoed, we proved that students CAN be heard. We care about our teachers. Without them, we would be uneducated and hopeless. Why shouldn't we stick up for them? None of us appreciate being spoken down to, and I hope that those of you who think that the students just wanted to "skip class" and "don't care" some day experience first hand how much we teens can really care. There are few adults more passionate than us kids, and it's a real shame how disrespectful our "elders" can be just because of our grades. I really hope you guys aren't teachers.

Those of you who are grateful, that's very much appreciated, I'm sure.


I'm the parent of a Western
High School student and I encouraged my daughter to walk out. She understood what she was doing and why. She asked my opinion and I told her that one of the most American things she can do is to peacefully speak out against her government when she feels they are making bad choices for the people. In my native country she would have been shot for such a protest. Yes, there were some kids who just walked out to walk out, but based on this article the message was heard and I applaud all of you who took part.


I have to say that many of the Coral Gables students knew about Senate Bill 6. We spent class discussing about it and how it will affect both teachers and students. I'm glad that this bill did not pass since it'll affect tax rates as well as the future education/present education of my little brother.

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