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Tenure bill bound for Gov. Charlie Crist

More than nine hours after they started what turned into a marathon debate sesson, legislators in the House finally passed a controversal bill that would change the way teachers are paid and fired in Florida.

The final vote, taken at 2:26 a.m.: 64-55, with 11 Republicans voting with Democrats against the bill.

Now the future of the so-called teacher tenure bill is in the hands of Gov. Charlie Crist, whose support for the measure has weakened in recent days.

"I believe that this legislation the governor should want to sign," said House Speaker Larry Cretul. "I take him at his word that he will."


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If Shucking Chuckles doesn't sign this bill, not only does he betray his claimed "conservative" credentials, but he also throws Republican legislative candidates under his own Senate-campaign bus.

And who would that make him like?

Jim Greer, who is doing the very same thing--burning down the RPOF house.


If "whasup" is right, I'd like to donate the matches. Anyone who supports this legislation is against improving education in Florida. Teachers will leave the state in droves if it becomes law. Class sizes will skyrocket. I guess that's why the Repugnicans want a referendum on the current class-size mandate. Crist would be smart to veto the bill, building on his recent decisions to break with the corrupt RPOF, and going Independent.

Tom Grizzard

I have been a resident of Leesburg Florida all my life and believe we have mostly wonderfully motivated and talented teachers. I have also witnessed some horribly ineffective and lazy teqchers while helping as "guest" teacher on specific subjects. With tenure there is no way to get rid of the lower achieving teachers unless they molest a student! PLEASE SIGN SB 6 and move forward to improve our students educated

Grayle Tompkins

I live in Highlands County, all three of our high schools have a D rating, with Avon Park about to slide into an F. Since all good business starts at the top, and we have 3 failures, all three principals need to go. The teachers are under the gun, with little support from the Superintendent, Nepotism is rampant, but doing away with tenure will certainly force good people from education. My own grandaughter, is a young teacher with a mission of wanting to make a differenc, caught in the cutbacks will probably not stay and that's a real shame. Find a better way to improve education, get rid of the FCAT, it is not a true measure of a student's education.

Grayle Tompkins
Lake Placid, FL

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