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The return of the Whig Party? In Miami?

Fox News just interviewed Craig Porter, a member of the Whig party who says he's running for the congressional seat being vacated by Mario Diaz-Balart. Fox notes he'd be the "first Whig running for Congress since the 1850s."

Porter told the Fox host the party supports "smaller government, reduced spending and more representation for the people...Not rule by government, but rule by the people."

The Great American History Fact-Finder says the party -- 1835-56 -- was formed to oppose Andrew Jackson and the Democratic party. It was victorious in 1840 "by parading William Henry Harrison as a humble 'log cabin' candidate who drank hard cider," and scored in 1848 with war hero, Gen. Zachary Taylor. "The slavery and the annexation of Texas destroyed the Whigs, and in 1856 many members joined either the Know-Nothing party or the new Republican party, which opposed the extension of slavery."


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David Grambling

The website of the Florida Whig Party and all of their candidates is well worth taking the time to read. This will be interesting to watch. I'll switch registration today, why not. I figure it sends a small message that the two parties have so messed things up that anyone who says principles before party should have a shot.

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