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The strange life of a life insurance bill

UPDATED: The bill with the strangest ride through the legislative process this session is likely HB885 titled "Life Insurance" by Rep. John Tobia, a first-term Republican from Satellite Beach.

It changed dramatically earlier this month when House GOP leaders added language pertaining to the federal health care reform and Attorney General Bill McCollum's lawsuit against President Barack Obama.

The McCollum language was stripped off and put in a separate bill (House PCB 7235) last week. And now lawmakers wanted to add a firebrand amendment Tuesday, though it was later withdrawn. Sponsored by Reps. Matt Gaetz, Chris Dorworth and Scott Plakon, the amendment appears to forbid any state-regulated health insurance plan or hospital from paying for an abortion.

The amendments are not likely to survive the germanity rules that require it to relate to the original bill. For this reason, the amendments were withdrawn before the bill came to the floor

(It's interesting to note the unintended consequences of the McCollum language, which changed the bill title to a broad "insurance bill," attracted a swarm of lobbyists who wanted to tack on their cause. So the GOP leadership likely changed course to prevent a further feeding frenzy.)


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