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Thompson blasts the Republican redistricting plan as 'attempt to rig districts'

Not every black Democrat likes the the counter-amendment being pushed by Republican legislative leaders.  Democratic Leader Pro Tempore Geraldine Thompson of Orlando calls it an attempt to weaken minority representation and offered this statement: 

“Many voters in my district and throughout the state have signed petitions to gain a chance to take politics out of the redistricting process. However, it seems that those in power will stop at nothing to unfairly protect their power. 

“The current proposal being pushed by legislative leaders, which purports to `clarify’ Amendments 5 & 6, is a sham. The proposal does not clarify or enhance anything. In fact, it substantially weakens the special protections for minority voters contained in the Fair Districts amendments. 

“In an obvious attempt to rig districts to favor themselves, some lawmakers are relying on racial- and ethnic-minority members of the Florida Legislature to do their dirty work, which is completely unacceptable. The protections in Fair Districts Amendments 5 and 6 strengthen the ability of minority voters to elect representatives of their choice. There is no need to enhance or clarify the protections contained in the Fair District amendments. Yet my fellow legislators continue to play games. 

“The Florida Legislature should not approve amendments that would render the Fair District rules meaningless. Voters should have a chance to approve the amendments, and Speaker Cretul should not allow any joint resolution weakening these amendments to be heard on the House floor."


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Yes, obviously the Black legislators are intending to weaken the protection of minority voters. And constitutional amendments never have unintended consequences or drafting errors. And this will surely remove politics from redistricting. Obviously.


What do you think the democrat proposal is....redistricting so they could win!!!

Charlie Crist will be abandoned by republicans AND democrats after the 2010 election, if he goes Independent.

This decision will be either Crist's political Waterloo or delayed future advancement in the republican party.

Biden, Pelosi, Obama have all been in S FL within the past 6 weeks.

FLorida is a key to Obama's re-election.

Democrats DON'T want Charlie, Republicans WON'T want Charlie, he'll be alone. And that means he will spiral down.

Bide your time, Crist.

True Blue

NO ONE, not blacks, hispanics, whites, Dem.'s, Rep.'s, gays, straights, elderly, youngsters, NO ONE is entitled to be elected. The system we have is a sham and the Democrats, when they were in power, were given every opportunity to change it and failed to do so. Ye reap what ye sow.

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