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U.S. Senate race: And then there were three

... Thanks to Libertarian Party candidate Alexander Snitker. At a press conference this morning the 34-year-old office supplies salesman announced he has met the ballot requirements to run for the U.S. Senate -- the first Libertarian candidate in Florida's history to do so.

Snitker says his goal is to raise $2 million for the race, or about 10 percent of the other major candidates, Gov. Charlie Crist, former House Speaker Marco Rubio and Congressman Kendrick Meek.

Snitker lists his top three priorities as: 1) abolishing the IRS and instituting a consumption tax, 2) enacting term limits on the federal level and 3) auditing the Federal Reserve. "This race will prove that the people are screaming for a true change. And they're not looking for Republicans and they're not looking for Democrats. They're looking for regular citizens to step up."

At a later event, Crist responded to speculation he would make the general election a four-way affair and run as a candidate with no party affiliation. What is he hearing from the people? "What kind of comments? Just that they're willing to support regardless is pretty compelling. So I'll just have to listen for another week and see what's best."


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Mungu Kuwasha

This is great news! Finally someone for Senate that I can vote for! I really want to hear where the other candidates who end up on the ballot are on these same issues.


You want to run real articles, check out the pro-GOP mole Smearbund in the Florida Libertarian Party. It's a reign of terror.

No, "2 Million" Snitker is the first GOP mole to run for the post, not the first Libertarian, and the feeling is that's along with Smith for Governor and the rest. Flat taxes are anti-Libertarian, and this bozo also wants every American to have their own social worker. He rants the LP founder wants to restrict freedom. These moles are all the same, attacking and dismantling the party, claiming they'll raise millions, and leaving a mess. Too bad it came to the LPF, it seemed to have its stuff together. Now they're deliberately blocking anything producing Libertarian candidates . Many of their people in public office have resigned or are backing off.

In my opinion it's a real GOP reign of terror in the Libertarian Party of Florida. In Pasco they're harrassing anyone trusting enough to complain under their name with web flames and late night calls, and so it is around the state. The state leaders told me they were purging "old timers" and anarchists" when I complained and just removed my membership. The local chair drove everyone away with rants on how we have to raise flat taxes and worse, how actual Libertarians were holding back the party, then posts complaints no one comes to her meetings. Libertarian county affiliates shut down or dissolve in protest to be replaced by tightly controlled GOP supporter-run fronts that then tell us to vote for Rubio!

At the last Convention I understand it was packed by newly minted GOP "libertarians" ringers just like the last one. The rumor is they held a secret and illegal convention just for themselves previous. Previously open state meetings are now secret as they post one self-congratulatory rant after another on their website urging us to send them money. They talk about Liberty while destroying it in the LP. The only Liberty is if you're NOT a Libertarian, just pretend to be one. I didn't bother to come after being told I would be arrested, and I understand others were told they would be turned away or were threatened. They boast it was the best Convention ever...sure, of anti-Libertarians posing as Libertarians. The word around the campfire is they're enmeshing the party in regulatory violations, will reveal to the press their own candidate has some serious issues and blame the "anarchists" for their problems, then start a new "Florida Libertarian Party" that's a GOP front.

The worst part is the National Reps are co-operating with much of the Libertarian National Committee from what I see. The senior rep said I should be ashamed to question the Governor candidate, who has gone on record as actively seeking to destroy the party! The national staff told me they were removing my membership for not "getting along." This week I got a call inviting me to join a new party formed by the people streaming out. I'll look into it. David Nolan, the LP founder, needs to wake up or RIP, USLP and LPF.

Vote for these "Libertarian" candidates not endorsed by actual Libertarians...if you want more government abuses and higher taxes. As far as I'm concerned, every member of their state committee and each of the candidates is an anti-Libertarian right-wing extremist mole. Sadly, most of the affiliate leaders are now too.

Sandra  Lake

Found this link at the national LP site.

I left as we're having the same problems in the Washington State and Oregon LP. They boast about how the numbers are up...as long as they're "any Libertarians but Libertarians."

I e-mailed David Nolan and all I got is he supports people on the LNC that are part of the problem. He doesn't realize they laugh behind his back. Sad.

Jote' Thompson

John; You are clearly one of the plants to destabilize the Florida Lp. All our good news letters are dogged by a few deceitful troublemakers like you but we are on to your movement to destroy the Libertarian Party.
I can't prove it but I know you are a Republican plant or bacterial infection. It's all the same!
We in Florida are hard working and truly dedicated to the Libertarian Party. Take that and stick it in your Rubio hat!!!
The Florida Libertarian Party will shock the nation and show the good guys how to win!

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