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Vide-O-Fact: Watch Mike Haridopolos lie about Jim Greer contract

In February, we asked Senate President designate Mike Haridopolos a straight forward question: Do you know anything about any sort of settlement agreement that had been signed with Jim Greer?

Haridopolos first tried to duck it by casting doubt on the source of the information, fundraiser Al Hoffman. Then, Haridopolos went on to call the contract a "rumor" and soon said "I've not seen any agreements." Later, he said he didn't "sign" an agreement.

When we caught up with Haridopolos last week, he said he was answering a technical question about the binding nature of the contract he signed: "That's exactly the question you asked me."

False. Watch and listen


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Hush Money? Where are the Federales?


Haridopolos lies through his teeth and he's soon to be the Senate President? Sounds like he's well qualified for the job and will fit in nicely with those who came before him.




Now THAT was a disappointing headline....

I do everything I can not to be cynical, but is this really what journalism has come to? Sensationalized, over-hyped BS that doesn't matter? Unless it's about smuggling cocaine or murdering a prostitute, catching a politician in a lie or misstatement should not be given this much effort and attention.

Forever Free

Great job, NP! You scooped the Times on this one and the wingnuts (like 9:34) are not happy at all! This is huge and will interest voters no end. That's what good (free press) journalism is all about!


What's a Haridopolis?

Now you know.

You should have known all along.


He and Thrasher (pronounced Trasher) are the poo poo book end goal posts of a cesspool senate. Vote yes on Amendment 4 and make the crooked politicians cry.

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