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What Jim Greer says about his ouster

Jim Greer provided a written statement about his ouster today from the Republican Party of Florida:

Prior to my removal as chairman, I was told on several occasions that if I did not stop supporting Charlie Crist and distance myself from the governor, they would come after me and throw the kitchen sink at me. So today’s action only continues to show the new RPOF leaderships motives. I spent three years working hard to make our party grow and be inclusive of ALL voters. Today’s action saddens me because of what is happening to the Florida GOP. But it is not surprising.


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Johnny W.

The arrogance is never-ending. There shouldn't be an oil-painting of Greer, there should be a mug-shot.

harry houdini

Greer...Fat, pathetic,arrogant piece of sh.t!


He worked really hard trying to patronize all establishments that proudly take American Express.

True Blue

The teabaggers are in control of the G. NO P. in Fla. and are on a slash and burn agenda.

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