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White House: Fidel said what?

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says he's unaware that Fidel Castro is a big fan of President Obama's health care bill.

"I have not seen that statement," Gibbs said, asked today whether Obama was grateful for Castro's remarks that Cubans "consider health reform to have been an important battle and a success of Obama's government."

Told it was out there, Gibbs suggested to the reporter, "he probably e-mailed you directly."

"I am unaware that he's aware of the statement," Gibbs said of Obama.

Castro's comments did not escape 2008 vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin. Campaigning recently for John McCain, she joked, "When it comes to Obamacare, I see Fidel Castro likes Obamacare and we don't. Doesn't that tell you something?"