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Will Broward's GOP be led by Hispanic woman?

Cindy Guerra, who works as a regional deputy for Attorney General Bill McCollum, announced today that she will run for Broward GOP party chair April 26.

The current chair, Chip LaMarca, announced today that he was stepping down as he considers running against Democratic Broward County Mayor Ken Keechl.

Guerra, of Deerfield Beach, said she would be the first Cuban-American to head up the Broward Republican Executive Committee. And she'd be the first female in many years -- the last one was Jean Hansen from 1988 to 1992.

"We have to preserve our majority in the cabinet and grow our majority in the State House and Senate,'' she said. "We have to fight back against the liberal plan for redistricting our state and take back our majority in Congress."

If she wins, Guerra will have another task on her plate: trying to beef up Broward's 300-plus member GOP group and make it more relevant at a time when there are other options in town for activists, including the Tea Party. Tensions in the Broward GOP group grew a few months ago as activists split over whether to back Marco Rubio or Gov. Charlie Crist in their primary for U.S. Senate -- and the next chair will have to unify that division.


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Cindy Guerra would make a great chair! Our next challenge will be to provide the REC with the resources necessary to accomplish the mission - winning elections! We can start by electing a competent and mature Vice Chair, say like Ken Haiko! Cindy has my complete support.

Just sayin

Doesn't she have a conflict of interest being head of the Attorney General's office AND party chair? Just sayin.


Guerra as chair cannot unify people after the split over whether to back Marco Rubio or Gov. Charlie Crist. She worked for Crist and owes her current job to him.


Cindy will make a fine chair. I'm happy to see someone affiliated with McCollum - a consistent conservative.


No, BREC will still be run by the same little Italian and his crew. Don't you know they own BREC?


a wise latina woman, very nice


Latin, yes. Wise? Only to the ways of getting ahead and not worrying too much about whose backs she steps on. Divisive Crist suporter.


She will make BREC endorse her mentor, Charlie Crist.


Good thing that Judge in Dade COunty, where Guerre was a Public Defender doesn't have much clout in Broward...

Baila Baila!!

Work it Cindy!

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