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Bill McCollum on Rick Scott, Rand Paul

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, who is running for governor as a Republican, dismissed the notion Friday that anti-incumbent feeling would steer voters toward outsider candidates like Republican Rick Scott.

 "I think the voters of Florida are going to look for integrity and experience," McCollum said before speaking to the Latin Builders Association in Miami. ‘‘They're going to look for my vision of where Florida
needs to go to lure businesses here and grow jobs and have the capital come here that they need to have.

"I think that's what they're going to see and they're going to vote for me."

On Rand Paul's comments earlier this week regarding the federal 1964 Civil Rights Act, McCollum, a former congressman, had this to say: "I really don't know what he said. I read in the paper a little comment. But obviously the 1964 Civil Rights Act was an important act. I every day carry out some parts of that -- in Florida we have a civil rights division in the attorney generals office."

Would he have voted for the civil rights legislation in 1964?

"That's a long time ago, but I can't imagine I wouldn't have," McCollum said.


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Seth Platt

McCollum carries out "SOME PARTS" of the Civil Right Act, but does not extend it to every group in society. He is ok with Discrimination against homosexuals and Native Americans voiced by his expert witness "Rentboy" Rekers.

Joe M

I would still like to know what part of the RENT-A-BOY scandal McCollum Had A Part In That will be interesting when that comes to light

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