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Bill McCollum's growing Rick Scott problem

Rickscott Of course he can, but it's no longer remotely certain he will. Sure Scott will have to spend the next 12 weeks explaining how his company wound up having to pay $1.7-BILLION in fines and settlements for allegedly ripping off Medicare, but the McCollum campaign (much as Charlie Crist did with Marco Rubio's swelling grass roots support) made the potentially fatal mistake of ignoring Scott for weeks as he flooded Florida's TV airwaves with campaign ads.

Get this: Between April 15 and May 28, Scott will have spent $7.98-million on TV and radio in Florida. That means Scott more than doubled what Jeb Bush Mccollum spent in his lavishly funded 1994 primary and significantly topped the $6.5-million Crist spent against Tom Gallagher in 2006. McCollum has spent just $168,996, with the only non-cable buys being in Tallahassee, presumably to quiet panicky Republican donors and politicos. 

We hear unconfirmed Buzz that an independent committee is going to start carpet-bombing Scott on TV as, but if it doesn't start soon it could prove to be too late. Like Crist, McCollum has made some unforced errors - RentBoy, immigration flip-flop-flips come to mind, and now it appears even McCollum's attacks on Scott's tenure at Columbia/HCA could come off as hypocritical. At the outset, it was hard to see how Scott could get to the right of McCollum on any issue in the primary, but immigration popped up and the Scott campaign seized on it.


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I contacted McCullom and Sink's campaign requesting their stand on illegal immigration. Neither one responded. I assume they had a silent understanding to ignore illegal immigration since neither party has done anything about it.

For the past decade the illegal alien population tripled and the Republicans refused to take action. The dems didn't compalin becasue they view illegal aliens as undocumented democrats.

I went to Scott's website and his views on illegal immigration were right there for all to see.

Scott is right, career politicians think they can lead Florida voters around by the nose and only discuss the issues the politicians want......and that is not right!


McCollum is a bad candidate. This is his 4th statewide run and he thinks this is his to lose. He's going to have a hard time in the primary, bc of his arrogance. If he wins the primary he's going to have another very difficult time in the general election too.


Mr McCollum,
You say that you don't support illegal immigration. So, you don't mind the illigal immigrants stealing our hard earned tax dollars. Shame on you sir. You just lost my vote. That tells me that you really don't care about the people of Florida. Either you are for America, or your against it. What part of the constitution don't you understand? We can find someone to explain it to you. That is just a slap in the face to the American people.

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