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Bill Nelson blames Big Oil for the spill, Alabama Republican points to the executive branch

The Florida Democrat appeared on CNN today and said Big Oil has stymied congressional efforts to crack down on safety.

"Big oil wants its way," Nelson said. "They've been trying to bully their way to drill off the coast of Florida... "Big oil has had its way with the regulators, there's been a cozy relationship between the regulators and MMS," he said, referring to a 2008 investigation into the federal agency, which found employees took trips and gifts from and engaged in sex and drug use with industry representatives.

Nelson said "congressional hearings were "what a number of us have been calling for. And we could never get to first base because big oil would flex its muscle, call in its votes and we could never get anything done. Tragically, it's going to take this disastrous oil spill to finally clamp down on it."

Alabama Republican Sen. Richard Shelby meanwhile, suggested it was the White House's responsibility. Although no cause has yet been identified for the explosion, Shelby charged, "a lot of this could have been prevented. I don't know where the regulators were on this, they certainly were asleep," he said. "And where was BP? Were they trying to do this on the cheap?"

He disputed host Candy Crowley's assertion that Congress was responsible for the regulators. "We're not in charge of the regulators. We have oversight," Shelby said. "The executive branch is in charge of the regulators."


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Republicans own the Deepwater Disaster.

Well, so Shelby wants to blame Bush. I can't argue with that! No President has been more in bed with the oil companies that he was. In fact, he crafted a loophole for BP to avoid the law which says they need to create a disaster plan for just such a catastrophic blowout as we have now. So no matter how you look at it, it was the GOP, Bush, or the conservative de-regulation crowd that are responsible.


My take:



we put in place a bunch of agencies to control,( laws,guidelines,warnings to....)but in fact this overpaid individuals accept bribes ,turn their head,close their eyes to serve the profit of the corporations and become shareholders.Bill in this one I have to support you.The BP executives/shareholders and their friends in Washington should be put on trail and fine till the last little man has been paid. It will send a message that the people is fed up with the little tricks of the big corporations and their puppets


the same scenario we saw here in florida with the Public Service Commission and Office of Public Counsel the regulators of the electric,gas,monopolies this monopolies ended up to OWN the regulators by bribing and making huge party donations but when you analyze the facts THE CUSTOMERS pay all the expenses,from pencil to the paperclip,the huge salaries,bonusses,health care/pensions for their employees and the shareholders dividend.WE THE CUSTOMERS OWN THE MONOPOLY and are denied the profits.Let us declare the for profit monopolies COOPS this will make regulators and their huge staff obsolete and with the same token balance the budget

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