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Bill Nelson in an intraparty spat?

The Hill notes that Sens. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Bill Nelson -- "the only two Senate Democrats from the five Gulf Coast states" -- are taking sharply divergent paths when it comes to the oil spill.

Landrieu, it says, "put up a strong defense last week of the oil industry, describing the spill as tragic but not something likely to be repeated. Louisiana is the third-highest crude oil producing state in the United States, with the industry having a $65 billion impact on the state.

"Nelson likewise offered a defense – of his state’s biggest industry. The tourism sector stands to be threatened if the spill drifts east onto the Sunshine State’s beaches just as the summer season begins."

Nelson even took a jab at Landrieu last week, noting that he believes the oil spill change some pro-drilling minds, but "not Mary. Not Mary. Don’t ever think that when it comes to oil drilling that Mary’s going to change."

The Hill notes that Landrieu fired back the next day, accusing Nelson and others who want to slow or stop offshore oil production are overreacting.

"I’m not inflexible, but facts are inflexible.…And the facts are that we’ve drilled 1,000 wells in the Gulf, and all of them have been drilled with safety and with no disruption," she said.


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I bet Mary Landrieu is shareholder in big oil,and don't give a dime to the environment or all the people living of the gulf rescources,to bad for you MARY you will get the boot when the people's revolution explode


Obama got one million dollars from BP during his election and that should tell you where he stands. How is all that hope and change working for you idiots?

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