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Bill Nelson seeks to slam shut revolving door at oil agency

The Florida Democrat today said he's filing legislation to close a revolving door at the Minerals Management Service -- imposing a two-year ban on regulators going to work for outside industry.

The proposal comes in the wake of an inspector general’s report that singled out as a problem federal employees getting jobs with the companies they're supposed to be regulating. 

Nelson notes the law is similar to one imposed on U.S. senators. His proposal would also require financial disclosure for regulators and ban them from accepting gifts.

He said he offered similar legislation 2 years ago, but it met with "enormous pushback." He said it would stop "this cozy, incestous" relationship between regulators and the industry.


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Thank you Senator, you are one of the few members of Congress that actually look out for the public interest.


Hey Mr. Nelson .Our lawmakers litle tricks are the loopholes they leave in the laws precisely to serve the interest and benefit of their friends.If you can shut close the loopholes for the oil barons don't forget the disbanning of the PSC and OPC 2 of the most corrupt entities supposely regulating the utility monopolies but in fact are totally owned by these companies.Thank You

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