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Bill Nelson: Send in the Marines

From Talking Points Memo via Nelson's office: " 'The President ought to take charge, the military ought to take charge,' Nelson told reporters...

" 'The military can organize it and be the head of the rescue operation, otherwise we have a situation that's going out of control, with BP doing the running of the show and they're not getting that done. They [the military] are the one organization that knows how to get things organized and has a command structure that they can get things done. And BP needs to be responding to them instead of the U.S. government responding to BP. Everybody's saying that BP's the only one that has the submersibles that can do anything about it. But thus far, it hasn't worked.' "


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Simple military solution:
1) make a big concrete bell
2) suspend it beneath a big submarine
3) park that submarine on top of the leak.

Leave it there until the relief well is finished.

Next problem we need to solve?


What a moron this Bill Nelson really is, it's called FEMA Bill!

That's exactly what the Agency was created for, to control and manage crisis.

When the oil starts shooting back at people ... then we'll call in the Marines.

(this guy has got to go)

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