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Candidate who came in 4th: I almost won!

A lawyer who received an email from judicial candidate Jordan Breslaw forwarded it to us and we were intrigued by this sentence: "I ran for Circuit Judge in 2006 and I want to thank the Broward Bar for all the support and votes they gave us in our almost successful campaign."

We wondered what Breslaw meant by "almost successful'' so we looked at the results from the Broward Supervisor of Elections and found he came in last -- at fourth place with 11 percent of the vote.

We asked Breslaw what he meant by almost successful and here is his response: 

"Our campaign team lead by my wife, laura, did a fantastic job for us in the first campaign and we hade huge support from bar members, clients, family and friends. I'm blessed and grateful!

Breslaw will now be busy fending off a lawsuit.

Attorney Bill Scherer managed to squeeze in a break from his civil lawsuit on behalf of Scott Rothstein victims to file a lawsuit seeking to boot Breslaw off the ballot against Judge Mary Rudd Robinson.  The reason: he changed his name to Jordan Howard Jordan in 1991 but filed to run under his prior name. Voters attempting to look up Breslaw in the Florida Bar directory are out of luck: he is listed under the name of Jordan, and that's the name he ran under in 2006.

"The lawsuit is a public relations campaign for a desperate judge and a bill "schmeer" campaign, which will fail,'' Breslaw told us.

This race pits Robinson, a longtime incumbent and a black female, against Breslaw  who is a white Jewish lawyer/chiropractor (though his campaign says he hasn't worked as a chiropractor since December 2005) and author of the book "How to Raise Millionaire Children" More than one dozen incumbent judges face challenges this year in Broward -- including some races such as this one where a lawyer with a Jewish sounding name is challenging a minority.