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Castor accuses BP officials of being vague and evasive in briefing

Congresswoman Kathy Castor participated in a closed door panel of the House energy committee in which lawmakers questioned BP, Transocean and Halliburton executives and engineers about the oil spill Tuesday  and came away frustrated.

“I went to the briefing expecting to hear that BP is committed to paying for the cleanup, that they accept full responsibility and to hear that the situation is under control,'' Castor said in a statement. "Unfortunately, that is not at all what I heard. Their answers were vague and lacked specificity, and sometimes they didn’t have the answers at all. Their remarks were especially unsettling about progress staunching the flow and the volume of oil spilled. We must hold these companies accountable.

Castor asaid she asked about plugging the leaks, safety equipment, the number of rigs BP has in the Gulf and Halliburton’s cementing work.

"She also worked to impress upon them the importance of understanding and planning for the potential devastating impact of the loop current, which could bring the oil close to the Florida Keys and up the Eastern Seaboard,'' the statement said. Her office said the briefing was the first on Capitol Hill since the disaster.