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Commissioner Al Jones speaks about his party switch

Broward County Commissioner Al Jones -- the lone Republican on the Commission -- ditched the GOP Friday and registered as a Democrat. The switch gives him a much better chance of winning the seat this fall in the district that is 72 percent Democratic.

Jones spoke to the media briefly this morning before the meeting and mostly reiterated his short statement yesterday that he made his decision to more closely align himself with the district.

"If I'm going to lead it would be hard to be in one camp if the district is in another," Jones said.

Jones took a pass when asked about whether he would support Gov. Charlie Crist in his independent bid for U.S. Senate. Crist appointed Jones to the seat last fall amid corruption charge that brought down Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion.


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Some of the best Democratic representatives in Bloward county started out as republicans. Change came in late 70's when New york Jewish retirees moved here instead of Miami. They belived that the community should care for its poor, children, etc. Too bad the rest of the state does not believe that.

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