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Candidate for Congress by day, psycho doctor on screen

Democratic congressional candidate Rudolph  "Rudy'' Moise has come up with a novel strategy to stand out in a crowded field of nine campaign rivals.

Become a movie star.

Voters driving around the Miami-Dade district currently represented by U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek can look up and see Moise's name and profile on billboards in three different locations, promoting not his congressional campaign but his new movie: Trapped: Haitian Nights.

Moise is the executive producer -- he said he carried most of the cost of the film with $2.3 million of his own money -- and thus had the inside track to be able to co-star with the lovely Vivica A. Fox. It's scheduled to open only in Miami in September.

For an amateur, Moise takes on a role that would challenge Sir Anthony Hopkins. He plays Dr. Richard Lazard, the chief suspect when his wife disappears. According to the trailer, the good doctor suffers from "a severe, delusional, paranormal psychosis. In other words, he conjures up images in his mind and then lives them out in his own reality.''

Perfect training for a member of Congress.

Column continues here and the must-watch trailer is below.


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Josh S.

At least we know he will support the Arts Scene in Miami and maybe push for more movies and tv shows to be filmed in South Flordia to help our sagging economy.

George Rekers at rentboy.com

Wow! That Rudy Moise is one hot man! I want some of that.


This is hilarious. Just the trailer makes him look nuts. Anyone who sees this must really hate themselves, bc this looks absolutely terrible. Also, Josh S., there is nothing he could do in Congress to help with the film industry, that lies with the state government, who decides weather or not to give tax breaks, etc, to movies/tv shows. This is just a political ploy that I guess Moise thinks will help him. I don't think anyone will watch this film and if they do, there going to think Moise is as crazy as the character he plays, and that his film was terrible. Not a good idea while running for congress. This guy is an idiot. Moise, just stick to making bad movies and be a doctor or whatever you do. This is only going to hurt your congressional run...your advisors should have never let this come out. Also, this could be against campaign finance law.

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