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Ferre has less than $3,500 in the bank

Lost in the hullabaloo over the mega-fundraising by the three major U.S. Senate candidates -- Charlie Crist, Marco Rubio and Kendrick Meek -- was the weak performance of former Miami Mayor Maurice Ferre. Having raised only about $25,000 so far this year, he loaned himself $20,000 to help cover his expenses in the past three months. That leaves him with $3,463.61

Ferre once acknowleged he could face conflicts of interest as a member of the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority -- which doles out hundreds of millions in transportation projects -- and as a candidate soliciting campaign donations,.He raised the possibility that he would resign when he officially qualified for the 2010 ballot. Story here.

But earlier his week, Ferre said he had decided to stay put, He questioned whether a law that requires members of county boards to resign when they run for office applied to him, and he said he hasn't gotten any money from MDX contractors anyway.


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Denny R. Wood

As a candidate with not much money in the bank, yet, I find it quite a shame that campaign success, in raising money, is measured by the pundits as who will win. We need to focus on more public forums and candidate debates in front of voters. The media and organizations need to focus on insuring that many, many forums are made available for all the candidates running for the U.S. Senate seat and all other seats. In regards to the amount of money in campaign accounts, more attention should be paid to the influence peddlers who are always buying up candidates. I'm referring to lobbyists like the Ronnie Book money machine. He likes to buy up control, rather than get his clients to make their individual contributions. Races should be decided who will make the best legislator, not who can raise the most money. And the good old fashioned way works too, just getting out meeting people. The more people you meet walking the district is invaluable.
Denny Wood,www.dennywood.net


It looks like Denny Wood is running for House Seat 114. Want a lot of reading material; look up Denny's criminal record, fraudulent claim of Homestead Exeption, fruadulent taking of property handicapped tax credit (for owners not renters), he is currently on one year probation for a battery, he is also currentlty under investgation for a criminal battery, numerous convictions for fraudulent writing bad checks, his has battered animals while drunk(when is he not?), last September he was issued a 6 month Restraining Order, he is currently under investigation for numerous intentional violations of the RO, he is currently under a Stay Away Order...............Wood belongs in "the House" not the Florida House of representatives.



Denny Wood should sue Johnny Bohica for libel and defamation of character.

johnny bohica

Ty you are obviously a bit brain dead thinking that telling the TRUTH is libelous or defaming!

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