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Financial reg passes Senate, Nelson votes aye, Dems hit LeMieux for voting no

From McClatchy: "The Senate Thursday night passed the most sweeping changes in government regulation of the nation's financial institutions since the Great Depression, including strong new consumer and investor protections and provisions that seek to shine a bright light on the dark corners of Wall Street.

In a 59-39 vote, four Republicans joined 53 Democrats and two independents in approving the Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010. Two Democrats, Washington's Maria Cantwell and Wisconsin's Russ Feingold, as well as 37 Republicans voted no.

Florida Democrats assailed Florida Republican George LeMieux for his vote, saying he "put Wall Street above Main Street by standing with many of his fellow Republicans in defending the status quo and continuing government bailouts."


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Republicans did everything under their power to protect their friends the Bankers in Wall Street, the same way they are saying now that 'we should not be that bad against the poor oil companies that are only trying to transfer most of our money from our pockets"...after all, if they desstroy our land, waters and economy, it was just by a honest mistake...is hard to think about doing things safely and correctly when they are trying to squeeze the extra buck of profit from the well...Republicans DO NOT represent the people, but ONLY BIG MONEY

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