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Florida AFL-CIO backs Luis Meurice -- not Joe Garcia like it did in 2008

It turns out that when the unions in the South Florida AFL-CIO threw their support behind Luis Meurice last month, it was a sign of things to come.

On Sunday, the statewide AFL-CIO -- Florida's largest union -- endorsed Meurice in the race for the 25th Congressional District. In 2008, the union, like its South Florida chapter, backed Democrat Joe Garcia.

Now they are with the lesser-known Meurice, a 32-year union member of the International Longshoreman Association who is also a Democrat.

"We are so proud that the entire delegate body of the Florida Labor Movement rallied behind one of our own -- and it's about time," Fred Frost, president of the South Florida AFL-CIO, said in a statement.


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Labor Loyalist

This is the beginning of the end for Garcia. This is what he gets for insulting labor by taking us for granted. Thousands of labor families in district 25 will now be voting for Meurice and launching him to victory.

BJ Chiszar

Good for you Labor leaders...send a message that the corrupt Dem establishment can no longer take you and your members for granted...trust me when I say they do! I hope Meurice runs a great campaign and sends Joe looking for a real job!


That is a stupid move by the South Florida AFL-CIO , Meurice has no chance in hell to win. What a waste and abuse of members vote, you just threw their vote out the window, nice job.
Certainly repug party will be grateful for the endorsement.


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I don't think either one can win, but this will certainly help Luis. Joe just lost this race, why would we elect him again? He's too liberal and too tied to the current administration which are huge negatives in the general election. Joe even stole his logo from Obama. C'mon people, wake up and vote Luis.


I keep reading the same argument being made by Luis Meurice's supporters...Obama is a negative in this district and therefore Joe cant win......thats not the case. The polls in this race have all shown that Obama is popular in this district and so are his policies.

Muerice is a nice guy but he needs a new strategy if he thnks he can take on Joe Garcia


This is short-sighted by Labor. FL-25 is not a safe Democrat district nor a big union area, so supporting a labor official isn't smart politics. Its ideologically pleasing to support one of your own in the primary, but a Meurice win in August means a big win for Rivera in November. Even a strong run by Meurice will cost Garcia too much time and money to bounce back in the general election. Obama may still be personally popular among some moderates, but support for his policies is dropping daily. 2010 will be a huge loss for Democrats and the Obama agenda.


The hell are the afl cio thinking? This is a stupid move, considering we all know Joe will win and run the table. Fred Frost has really screwed up here.

lovette queen of the south

We all have our feelings about this BUT the fact remains that probably none of us actually live in the district and it is what the people want that is what elections are all about as a devout trade unionist that know that unions are responsible for fair wages and the 40 hour work week and tha overtime that we all love to be paid at time and a half. I tend to stick with my own..What has Obama got to do with this race somebody let me know. The key is people need to exercise thier right to vote. Lets talk about how we make that happen. i don't miss George Bush...I like Luis...

Robert Stockman

The Florida AFL-CIO rightfully ignored Charlie Crists overtures for endorsement which he had no chance of receiving, especially after ducking a question as if he would support the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) saying he would "Look into it.) The real purpose of his appearance in Jacksonville was a photo opportunity and publicity for the FEA (teacher's) co-endorsement.
Jeff Greene was a no show altogether.


This endorsement only benefits the far rightwing whacko, David Rivera. The Union would have been much better served with a co-endorsement.

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