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Florida lawmakers ask President Obama for "immediate action" to quantify the amount of oil in the Gulf

In a letter to President Obama, members of Florida's congressional delegation say they want to begin "investigative efforts" to "better quantify the amount, distribution and nature of oil that is moving below the surface in the Gulf of Mexico.

"It is clear that oil is moving into these strong loop currents and could bring oil to our coastlines within a few days," they wrote. "What is much less clear is how much subsurface oil is heading towards our shores...We do not know the dimensions, nature or movement of the threat."

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who circulated the letter, called it "deeply disturbing that oil is moving into the Gulf loop current and there is insufficient data regarding how much oil remains below the surface and whether or not that oil is moving in tandem with the surface oil. Florida’s environment and economy depend upon accurate information so that we can prepare as best possible for the potential damage caused by oil reaching our state."


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Republicans want inmediate action, but when it came to raise the liability of their friends' oil companies they have been nothing but obstructions...HIPOCRATES AND LIARS!!! didnt the latest Republican from Kentuckky said that "we should not be bad to the poor oil companies"? ...yes Mr. Republicans, we should bow to big companies and give them all the breaks to kill or injure lowly workers, destroy our lands and water, and if they standto loose money because 0f thrir own stupidity and greed, we as tax payers should step in to bail them out at the expense of the country...all for your friends Mr. Republican.


What is happening is such an environmental shame with its ripple effect on not only the marine life, the eco systems, marsh lands, beaches, but now to families and workers exposed to the toxins.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.

Nice f*cking job BP Haliburton Chaney: but its all exposed now playing out each dirty day! Like the Wall Street Stench - the smell of "Real Americans" and Bend Me Over Capitalism.

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