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Florida senators no longer "joined at the hip" when it comes to oil drilling

Bill Nelson used to say that he and Mel Martinez were "joined at the hip" when it came to their opposition to oil drilling off Florida's coast.

He's not saying the same thing about Sen. George LeMieux. The Florida Republican today told our sister blog, The Buzz that although he doesn't back additional offshore drilling until the BP problem is resolved, drilling needs to be "part of the discussion about making sure we have energy independence."

"We just need to make sure that drilling is as safe as possible," LeMieux said. Though Nelson opposes offshore drilling and has vowed to filibuster any climate bill that calls for drilling, LeMieux said: "I think in order to get something done, drilling as well as nuclear as well as a bunch of other energy sources are going to have to be included. You can't do comprehensive energy reform without talking about drilling."