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Florida would get 125 mile drill buffer under new Senate climate change bill

The climate change bill to be unveiled today calls for new oil and gas drilling off the Atlantic coast -- but allows states to ban drilling within 75 miles of their shores. "Florida," CQ says, "would be permitted to extend a ban out 125 miles.

"The bill’s authors hope the concession to Florida will prevent a filibuster by Bill Nelson, D-Fla., another leading drilling opponent."

That's the same limit that President Barack Obama had proposed and that Nelson said he'd be okay with -- if the U.S. military, which conducts training sessions in the Gulf of Mexico, gave it the ok. The administration had pushed to drill at 45 miles off the coast, Nelson has said.

Nelson Tuesday tweeted his opposition to drilling: "Word is climate bill might let rigs in Florida’s no-drill zone. If Sens. Kerry, Lieberman are following me on Twitter: that’s a non starter."


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Jim D

CORRUPTION ALERT: Fool's Gold for American People; Emerald City for those on Top

It has been revealed that the Cap & Trade bill is a vessel to put in place a corrupt scheme
that is linked to some specific, high-level people. These people and
corporations will benefit greatly. I have included some links for you
to review. These links divulge the background of the "players" in this
scheme. It reveals corruption at the highest level. These people and connections
should be investigated.
The Cap & Trade bill should not come to the table, given the current situation.

You have been informed. Do Your job and Investigate! Govern Yourself Accordingly.






http://www.scribd.com/doc/30833175/CCX-Scandal-Chart (FLOW


End of letter

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