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George LeMieux rips into Obama adminstration spill response: He's no Jeb Bush

George LeMieux was on Morning Joe this morning, slamming President Obama for his response to the spill in the Gulf.

"He has been caught flat-footed at best with this situation," LeMieux said, charging that Obama "is here in Washington and he goes down every 10 days for a photo op.

"He's not down on the ground like Jeb Bush was with our '04 and '05 hurricanes, spending 12 hours in the emergency operations center, I want to see him in charge....He's the president of the United States, he owns it.

"I want to see my president, not in a suit in Washington, D.C., I want to see him down on the Gulf Coast, not just for a day of photo shoot, but on the job leading the effort and when he's not there I want to see Joe Biden there, not in Africa for a soccer game." 

UDPATE: The White House pool report says Obama is in brown khakis, a white shirt and a black zip up jacket. He shed the jacket when he landed in Louisiana... Maybe he was listening to LeMieux?

Asked whether he still supports offshore drilling, he told host Joe Scarborough he does: "My position on it has been -- it needs to be far enough and clean enough and safe enough and what we're seeing now it's that it's going to have to be pretty far off Florida's coast for me to ever support it again."

Florida Dems assailed his appearance, noting that LeMieux played a role in efforts to bring drilling to Florida

"Rather than playing the Washington D.C. blame game, LeMieux needs to come clean and apologize to the people of Florida for putting our beaches at risk," said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Eric Jotkoff.