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GOP TV war approaches $13 million

The latest round of television advertisements from Rick Scott pushes the total spent in GOP governor's race media war to $12.7 million.

By far, the Naples businessman's spending on TV and radio ads far outpaces his competitor, Attorney General Bill McCollum. His sixth major buy (running May 28 through June 6 and totaling $2.9 million) puts his total spent to date at $10.9 million.

The new attack group against Scott, Alliance for America's Future, spent another $906,000 to air its TV ad from May 27 to June 2.

And McCollum's campaign, put $804,000 into the game after debuting with a Jeb Bush endorsement spot.

The Democratic front-runner, CFO Alex Sink, isn't facing a competitive primary and isn't on the air yet.

By geography, the top three regions:

--Scott: Orlando, Tampa and Miami

--Alliance: Tampa, Orlando and the combined North Florida (Jacksonville, Gainesville, Pensacola, Panama City and Tallahassee)

--McCollum: Tampa, Orlando and the combined North Florida


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So the Mighty Rich Republicans spend 13 Millions in advertising, while countless Florida kids, elderly and infirmed citizen get ready to do without, due to the heartless cuts in services they handed down to all of us...it must be nice to have prepaid Amex Cards paid by the Oil companies to protect them.

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