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Greene goes after Meek's ties to developer charged with fraud

Kendrick Meek's rival in the Democratic Senate primary, Jeff Greene, wasted little time before seizing on today's Miami Herald story showing his family's ties to an accused crook.

Greene called for a House ethics investigation into the Miami congressman and sweeping ban on earmarked budget requests. Meek sought federal money for developer Dennis Stackhouse to build a proposed biopharmaceutical park in struggling Liberty City. The park was never built, and Stackhouse allegedly made off with $1 million in county and private loans.

"Kendrick Meek's behavior is completely outrageous,'' Greene said in a statement. "We can no longer let the corrupt actions of these failed career politicians stand. Kendrick Meek is in the back pockets of the insidious special interests that are hurting our country and it must end now.''

Meek's ties to Stackhouse could provide Greene, who just recently entered the Senate race, with an opening. But Greene brings his own political baggage to the race, having made a fortune betting against the collapsed housing market.

UPDATE:The Meek campaign responds -- The fact is that Jeff Greene made his money on Wall Street pioneering uncovered credit default swaps that helped fuel the meltdown of our economy, and he became a billionaire on the backs of middle class Floridians. Now he is using his ill-gotten gains to attack Kendrick Meek in the hope that he can buy a Senate seat for himself. The contrast couldn't be clearer: Kendrick Meek worked to bring economic development to South Florida but was let down by a former member of his staff, and the project was hijacked by a greedy developer years ago. By shorting the subprime market, it was Greene who set the wheels in motion for the economic collapse, costing Florida homeowners tens of billions of dollars in lost property value using what Warren Buffet called financial weapons of mass destruction. Greene's checkered past disqualifies him from the office he wishes to buy.


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Seth Platt

Um lets see Greene get personally rich from investing against mortgage backed securities (exactly what put the World in a recession), profiting while Floridains lost their homes. He also has a convicted criminal who ate a man's ear, and beat and raped a woman as a best man at his wedding.

And Meek is courted by a developer who wants to bring development to a blighted community in desperate need of jobs.
Meek is not responsible for the developer's actions, and much of the construction that has been left undone can be attributed to the financial crisis Greene profited from.
Hmm, I think we know who the real scoundrel is.
Hey Greene maybe you should change your campaign photo from one where you look like an EVIL SUPER RICH VILLAIN.


Liberty City needed that development and more. Meek was let down by his staff and a greedy developer, while this wanna be, Mr. Greene purposely plotted to get rich on the backs of the American middle class.

Child please! Mr. Greene give me a break!


This is going to hurt Meek. Meek might still win the democratic primary but he will be battered by this and Greene's attacks b/c of his involvement in the fraud case. Read my full analysis here- http://www.marcoenfuego.com/?p=104

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