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JD: Charlie Crist 'doesn't have any substance,' lied (again)

Senate budget chief J.D. Alexander just give a blistering criticism of Gov. Charlie Crist for vetoing $45 million for the University of South Florida's polytechnic campus in Polk County, Alexander's district. Alexander said Crist was getting revenge on him for voting against the governor's Public Service Commission picks during the last legislative session.

Here's Alexander, raw and uncut:

“Clearly, it was a personal attack on me because I didn’t share his view of his appointments to the PSC. It’s a shame he doesn’t share the vision for expanding education and helping expand education opportunities. Instead, he decided to be personally punitive. This was broadly supported across the state and across the region. I feel confident that we will prevail one day.

“He said he supported USF polytechnic. But what’s new? He didn't tell the truth. He was a Republican until he wasn’t. He supported Senate Bill 6 until he didn’t. And he was for polytech until he decided not to be. He’s all politics and he doesn’t have any substance.”

Last year, when the budget was smaller, Crist let stand two USF polytech appropriations that totaled $16.4 million.

Alexander said Crist could wind up in court for canceling a transportation trust fund raid that helped boost education spending.

"He can probably get away with the veto if the Legislature doesn’t take him to court," Alexander said. "There’s clear evidence that the governor can’t veto proviso language but keep the money. You can’t pick and chose"

Alexander, though, said he didn't support the trust-fund raid in the first place and suggested the House would be more likely to sue.


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Mel Brooks

in the spirit of Mel Brooks, this is further proof that our Governor is the leading a--hole in the state.


So if his veto of the transfer of money from road building to education holds up, thus cutting $160 million for schools, will the teacher's union rescind its co-endorsement of Shucking and Jiving Chuckles, the Self-erving Political Clown, whose motto is "Its about being I"?

Denny R. Wood

While the Governor does not say it, the vetos are good for Florida as we do not have enough money set aside for the "rainy day". Specifically, for dealing with one, two or three hurricanes hitting Florida this Summer and Fall. World conditions have seen bizzare weather conditions. Dr. Gray, who I watch carefully, has predicted a bad hurricane season, something that Crist and the Legislature gambles with each money tight session. "Cutting $160 million for schools". School Boards misuse what money they get from taxpayers altogether. To stop failing schools in Miami-Dade requires more Pre-K resources. The aides must be returned to these Pre-K classes. What every the Pre-K teacher requests, give it to them!!!! To make these classes HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL should be the highest priority in education. Only when every Pre-K class is successful will we begin to eliminate failing schools. The School Boards must adjust spending and do even over kill to make each and every Pre-K classroom highly successful, in every neighborhood. Inner city Pre-K is worth the extra investment, whatever it takes to make these Pre-K classes successful for every child. www.dennywood.net

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