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Jeb Jr. gets married

Three generations of Bushes descended on a Brickell area church Saturday for a wedding and Memorial Day weekend family reunion of the Republican Party's most enduring dynasty.

The two former presidents -- George Herbert Walker Bush and George W. Bush -- were on hand, along with the former First Ladies to watch as former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's youngest son, John Ellis Bush Jr., 26, known as "Jebby,'' married Coral Gables resident Sandra al-Gudady.

The family's elder statesman, George H.W., known as 41, emerged from a tan SUV, his wife Barbara at his side, after being escorted to the church by two Miami-Dade Police squad cars.

Wearing a white summer suit, he appeared frail as he entered the white stone, red-roofed St. Jude Melkite Catholic Church with the help of a cane and his wife, Barbara, at his side.

The groom's father arrived about 30 minutes before the ceremony in a dark suit. The ceremony opened with Pachelbel's Canon, according to a wedding program. The bride's father, Paul Joseph David, walked her down the aisle. The groom's best man was big brother, George P.

The second President Bush, George W., known as 43, was accompanied by former First Lady Laura and daughters Jenna and Barbara. He turned to a Miami Herald photographer and said jokingly, "Make me look good'' as he departed the church.

Security was tight. There were plain-clothed cops, uniformed Miami Police and Secret Service agents among the guests who arrived by limousine and also on foot from fashionable Brickell Avenue.

Security was also tight for a rehearsal dinner for 120 guests the night before at a Key Biscayne seafood restaurant, the Rusty Pelican. About 30 Secret Service agents guarded a private room on the waterfront restaurant's second floor.

More on the bride here


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The terd doesn't fall far from the pot

Please please don't procreate!

Republicans own the Deepwater Disaster.

In Steven Segal's movie "On Deadly Ground", a protestor dumps a jar of crude all over the nice white shirt of Aegis Oil CEO (Michael Caine) just as he's about to give a public speech about the safety of oil drilling.

Just a thought. I don't know why it came to me after reading this...

True Blue

After "43" could another Bush ever get elected???

I doubt it !!!!

Jebby - find another line of work.

Just another person

Typical mean-spirited comments from DemocRATS.
Leave the newly married couple alone and go crawl back under your rocks.
Is it too much to ask you think of the Bush's as a normal American couple embarking on a new path in life??
Or are you bound to throw away disparaging remarks by the spadeful.

On a kind note, good luck new Bush family.
May G-d bless you with many healthy children.

just lookin'

I am predicting this marriage will not last. It sounds like it was totally arranged by the two families. (I don't think Jebby Bush, who isknown for being arrested as a public drunk, has much interest in women's rights.)

And, much is known about her -- despite no one reporting it. I think that's why there was so much security.


Sandra al-Gudady – Head of Strategic Partnerships

Sandra al-Gudady was appointed Head of Strategic Partnerships to identify, develop, and facilitate partnership opportunities between existing and potential partners and benefactors who share the StratREAL Foundation’s commitment to children and young people. Having worked and lived in the Middle East, Sandra brings a first-hand understanding of Middle Eastern culture and the Arabic language, which have been essential for the development of Foundation programmes in the region. On this, she works closely with The StratREAL Foundation USA.

Sandra joined the Foundation in 2007 after two years at the office of HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal, former Crown Prince of Jordan, where she worked as a researcher. She has previously worked at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). She holds a Master’s degree in Sociology from McGill University in Montreal. Her thesis argued that the assimilation experiences of recent immigrants are based on their status in the country of origin. Combined, her academic and work experiences make her a strong asset to The StratREAL Foundation’s team. Sandra is a Canadian citizen.

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