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Jeff Greene's new campaign manager

Real estate tycoon-turned Senate candidate Jeff Greene has hired Josh Morrow, a political consultant with experience running campaigns for self-financing rich guys.

Morrow worked for Tom Knox, a self-made millionaire raised in Philadelphia's housing projects who dropped out of the Democratic race for Pennsylvania governor earlier this year. Knox invested $11 million of his own money in a failed bid for mayor in 2007 and in a settlement, admitted violating campaign finance laws in an ad attacking his opponent.

Morrow worked on that campaign and others with Joe Trippi, the mastermind of Howard Dean's presidential bid. Prior to that, he also worked in California and in Nevada, where he aided the re-election campaign of Sen. Harry Reid in 1998.


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Jeff Green is one of the people who pioneered the credit default swaps financial products that was a hit on wallstreet but played a major part in destroying mainstreet.

I love the commercials where his mom said he helped out the family when he worked as a busboy.
Great he has the love of his mother but how many mothers home equity has disappeared as Jeff Greene and people like him who have manipulated the stock market for their financial gain.

piotr blass

jeff is chicken to debate me and so is kendrick
what mediocrities and cowards

Richard nazien would like to join your campaign as u run to win my phn number is 7863333594

Richard nazien would like to join your campaign mr jeff greene

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