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Joe Garcia criticizes "harmful" Az immigration law; questions where David Rivera is

Democrat Joe Garcia calls out his potential Republican rival David Rivera not taking a position "on the important issues of immigration and the harmful law that his fellow Republicans in Arizona have passed.

"Immigration reform is a serious issue that calls for immediate action," Garcia said. "We need our elected officials to show leadership, not hide and remain silent when difficult problems and issues arise. I have been proud to stand with supporters of immigration reform, march with them and let my position be known on a difficult issue. I am disappointed Rivera has chosen to be silent on immigration reform."


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GO JOE GO!!! Rivera sucks


T-minus 2 minutes before GarCorp International's one-man show takes a break from his business ventures in Haiti and starts bashing Joe...


Rivera sucks but he's going to beat Joe the flaming liberal. He should have kept his job in DC, instead he has choosen to run for office. He's basically been running for this seat for 4 years. It's a joke. River will have the cash and Joe's ties to the administration are way too strong, and Rivera and the R's will be all over that. He's done. Bad time to be a Democrat, especially one who worked for an unpopular president...especially in parts of this state. I don't live in the district so it doesn't matter, but I think Joe has an uphill climb, and the whole Obama administration ties are going to be the death of him. He should have kept his job.

Kendall Voter

Maso-Dixon Poll Today:

The May 3-5 survey of 625 voters has a margin of error of plus or minus four percentage points.

Obama is most popular in southeast Florida, where he receives high marks from 61 percent of the voters. He is viewed favorably by a majority of African-Americans, Democrats, voters under 35 and women. In contrast, 85 percent of Republicans and a majority of Hispanics, seniors and men rate him negatively.

Obama is not unpopular in the 25th district and neither is Joe Garcia.

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